Beards and Backend

I work primarily with Python, various SQL flavors, Cypher (a native query language to Neo4j) and GraphQL to build and deploy products, conduct analyses, and run experiments. I'm especially interested in the applications of graph database technology and natural language understanding for media intelligence, content development, and public relations work.

Proud co-parent of Penny, an adorable Cairnoodle adopted through Tri-County Animal Rescue


This is a thing I am working on. Eventually it will be a bigger thing, but for now it's just a small thing. There is for sure a website, as well as data coming from different places. There will be users, and they will certainly have a user experience. Said users will also probably be professionals who work for organizations.

Studies and Articles Elsewhere

My writing on integrating data science and research with content development and strategy has been published on the Harvard Business Review and Moz. In a past life, I was a co-author on several studies that explored the interplay of depression and opioid addiciton following major surgery.

I'm also (very proudly) featured on page 37 of The McSweeney's Book of Politics and Musicals

What I do

I'm currently the Head of Data Science at a creative digital agency in South Florida. My work has a lot to do with the intersection of databases, media intelligence, content understanding, public relations, and marketing strategy.

Database Architecture and ETL

I've built integrated ETL frameworks that move and represent data between SQL, Neo4j, Elasticsearch, and Redis stores

Code and Development

I work mostly in Python, SQL, Cypher, and GraphQL, with a smattering of R, JavaScript, and (when absolutely necessary and even then with some hesitation) Go

Data Analysis and Visualization

Advanced proficiency with the Python scientific stack and visualization/ dashboarding tools like Tableau, matplotlib, Google Charts, and Flourish

NLU and Language Models

Experience creating and deploying text classification and generation models at scale using PyTorch, BERT, fastText, Scikit-learn, and the Google Natural Language API

Survey and polling methodologies

Creating dozens of large-scale online polls using Qualtrics, Prolific Research, Survey Monkey, Mechanical Turk, and other platforms for convenience samples

Experimentation and Product Metrics

Integrating and tracking user metrics with tools like Amplitude and running small A/B testing experiments via Optimizely

Product Management

Experience managing small, cross-functional teams working to design, develop, and ship consumer-facing software

Project Management

Overseeing content marketing projects for clients ranging from pre-funding startups to Fortune 100 organizations

Writing and Editing

Occasionally publishing articles in the popular press or on internal company blogs on topics like data science, content creation, and marketing strategy

Press Mentions and Project Coverage

My data science work and content marketing projects have been referenced in dozens of stories in national and local media. Click on an icon below to see more.

Get in touch

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